Primera Alpine Berry Watery Intensive Cream


Primera Alpine Berry Watery Intensive Cream

The cream that provides intense hydration with Alpine Berry ComplexTM while fortifying the skin barriers with angelica bud water

Moisture Maintenance  Skin Rejuvenation  Supply Moisture Skin barrier fortification  5-Free
  • Alpine Berry ComplexvTM is formulated with wild strawberry sprouts and blackberries that survive in highlands over 2,400 m above sea level to sprout and bear fruit and supplies rich moisture and vitality to the skin as a natural moisturizing factor.
  • Wild strawberry sprouts deliver exceptional moisturizing capacities when germinated in highlands and blackberries, rich in anthocyanin, are powerful antioxidants for the clarity and vitality of skin.
  • Angelica is a plant that absorbs enough water to grow fast for picking in just two weeks when its stems are dipped in water. The concentrated Angelica bud water forms a thick layer of moisturization on dry, cracking skin to protect the skin.
  • The Advanced Intensive Barrier™ Technology contains moisture that dissolves slowly in a highly concentrated texture for long-lasting and thorough moisturization and fortification of skin barriers.
  • Mugwort leaf extracts fortify the skin’s defense capacity and purifying action for healthier skin.

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