Mamonde High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid (SPF 34/PA++)



  • Mamonde High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid SPF34 PA++ is a liquid foundation that makes skin smooth and flawless.


  • The product has Fine Pixel Cover™ techniques which make the product not only applies smoothly, but also provides exquisite coverage.


  • With Bloom Up Light Power™ techniques which let the light reflects in 360° in order to make the flawless skin problem like pigmentation, freckles, blemishes to become less outstanding.


  • Minimize pore and uneven skin for a smooth makeup.


  • Soft puff sticks closely to the skin, creates sleek looking makeup.


  • How to use:
    1. Press on the edge of the foundation cushion, the foundation will be pumped out from the mesh filter.
    2. Apply the foundation on the face by the included Flower Petal-Shaped Puff , use the point tip of the puff to apply foundation again around the necessary areas.

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