Mamonde Brightening Cover Ampoule Cushion (SPF 50+/PA+++)


A cushion that provides a smooth coverage for skin problems and unevenness to create the look of firm and hydrated skin with a healthy glow.

  • Mamonde's Brightening Cover™ Complex - Porous powder, skin-like phospholipid coating powder applied
  • Contains daffodil bulb extract, providing a cool moisture barrier to the skin
  • The Water Pump Carrier™ effectively discharges the contents to provide moist moisture and high coverage.
  • The water-fit puffs adhere to the skin as if they are dyed, and cover skin defects and texture naturally.

Pink Base - Brighter than one tone
Inspired by peach blossoms, Mamonde's bright pink base color
#17 Light Peach / #21C Medium Peach / #23C Natural Peach

Yellow Base - Brighter than half tone
Designed for clean coverage, Mamonde's unique natural and clear color
#21N Medium Beige / #23N Natural Beige

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