Laneige Ultra Long-lasting Eyeliner


Laneige Ultra Long-lasting Eyeliner

Long-lasting eyeliner with the compound function of all day long smudge-free strong waterproof and sweatproof

Eyeliner with excellent sustaining power does not need touch-up
Moisture evaporates instantly upon application, so first makeup stays fresh all day long without smudge around the eyes

Strong waterproof & sweatproof eyeliner
The eyeliner is not smudged easily by water and sweat, so there are no worries of panda eyes even after water play and during humid rainy season

Optimal daily eyeliner
This auto-type convenient pencil liner can express intricate eye line; with built-in sharpener


Draw the eye line as if filling in the eyelashes starting from the tail of the eyes, and then apply on the upper eyelids.

Express natural eye makeup as if filling in the waterline in detail.

Draw between the eyelashes in a pressing motion to express perfect basic line without any blanks between the root of the eyelashes and eyeline.
* Does not smudge since moisture evaporates instantly upon application.

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