IOPE Air Cushion Intense Cover 15g *2



Contains hydration magnet Bio Water™ and coverage powder in various shapes and sizes that provide meticulous coverage over blemishes and redness to perfect the look of smooth, clear skin.

Air Prism Water™, born through a combination of Bio Water™, which is a hydration magnet, trehalose, which is a hydration protection component, and 3D prism pearls, creates the looks of glowing skin that is moisturized from deep within..

The cushion uses a technique that evenly blends color particles by repeatedly pushing them against each other, helping you achieve more vivid colors and meticulous coverage..

A 3D air sponge effectively delivers moisture to create the look of moist, glowing skin.

Air Prism Water™ helps perfect the looks of moist skin with deep glow.

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