Hera Signia Ampoule


Enhanced five million narcissus stem cells into ampoule

Enhanced five million narcissus stem cells into ampoule image


Intensive anti-aging care with concentrated energy through activation immediately before application

Enhanced vitalizing power of five million narcissus stem cells and antioxidant energy (EAE) are activated right before application. Thus, it delivers the brilliant glow and remarkable suppleness to the skin in the freshest way.

Total anti-aging care tuned to the skin’s biorhythm

It safeguards the skin against external irritants during the day and provides intensive anti-aging and antioxidant effects during the night to give you complete anti-aging treatment throughout the day.

Four-week total anti-aging ampoule program tuned to the skin's cell turnover cycle

Through four-week intensive anti-aging program tuned to the skin’s cell turnover cycle, you will be able to have a more youthful and beautiful skin.

SIGNIA AMPOULE for supple and healthy looking skin

SIGNIA AMPOULE improves the skin’s texture and suppleness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in four weeks.

How to use:

It is a four-week anti-aging program to use one bottle of ampoule per week, every morning and night.
  1. Hold the bottom of the ampoule, twist it to the right until it stops and check whether the formula inside is separated through the transparent window.
  2. Shake the ampoule from left to right until its color changes.
  3. Pump 3-4 times on your hands and apply all over the face. Reapply on the area requiring intensive care.

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